Current Regimental Roster


Kevin Alcott and Tony Clarey meet for the first time in Chicago 2015.

Kevin Alcott - Regimental Historian - Great, Great, Great Grandson of Sgt. John Alcock, Company D, 36th NYSV

Terry Clarey - Regimental Historian - Great, Great, Great Grandson of Patrick Cahill, Company E, 36th NYSV

Tony Clarey - Regimental Webmaster -Great, Great, Great Grandson of Patrick Cahill, Company E, 36th NYSV

Jim Preston - Ancestor of Sgt. Philip Dormire, Co. A, 36th NYSV.

Nigel Darwent - Great, Great Grandson of Capt. Walter Darwent, 36th NYSV.

The current members of the regiment met through Cyberspace. The brothers Clarey had been interested in the family history for many years, but little information existed on the unit (unlike many other regiments, no official history was published). All they knew was that their GGG Grandfather, Patrick Cahill, had left Ireland during the Potato Famine (1850's) shortly before the Civil War and had served in some unit on the Union side. A grave in Stoneham MA gave them the unit designation '36th NYSV' but little else. This was in reality rather a surprise, since most of the Cahill family lived in Massachusetts. We had expected Patrick Cahill's unit to be a Mass. regiment, not a NY one.

Then luckily, while seeking information on the unit via the Internet, Terry Clarey made contact with Kevin Alcott. Kevin had done extensive research into the unit, but like the Clarey's, he assumed that no one else was very interested in this particular regiment. Kevin's in-depth knowledge and research on the unit as made this page possible. Since making contact, the three have collaborated on the writing of the History, collection of campaign and casualty data, unit pictures and the establishing of this web site.

We are always interested in making contacts with others who have ancestors from this regiment, the other regiments in the brigade or additional information to add.

We believe Kevin's History of the Unit is the best existing account yet written on the activities of the regiment during the Civil War.

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